About SP Reviews

For a couple of years since I started blogging, which I started with Twilight and led me to the blogs I recently have. I have a personal blog where I post whatever happens in my life and my obssessions. Most of those posts are about books and book adaptations. I sat down and thought to myself, why not create a book blog.
Well, creating one isn't the easiest thing because I don't have books to give away, only a few and I'm willing to give away for viewers and commenters.
The blog focuses on Young Adult Novels. On rare times I'll go outside the genre and discuss possible classics and adult novels.
I work hard in making this and the rest of my blogs enjoyable as much as possible for the viewers, but most of the time I get caught in the absence of comments. Comments are a way to let me know that I'm doing well and my blog is being viewed by other fans or bloggers.
Thank You, Libby
blog administator