Friday, December 10, 2010

City of Bones Movie News

Lily Collins has been confirmed that she has been cast as Clary Fray in the upcoming City of Bones book adaptation.

Lily Collins has been set to star in Mortal Instruments, the first installment of the novel series City of Bones which is being directed by Scott Charles Stewart for Screen Gems. Collins, who followed The Blind Side by starring with Taylor Lautner in Abduction, next stars in Priest. She’s repped by CAA.

From Cassandra Clare's Livejournal:
Just dropping an entry to announce that, as reported by Deadline, Lily Collins, who starred in The Blind Side and the upcoming Priest**, has been cast to play Clary in the movie adaptation of City of Bones. The producers and director have worked with her before and say great things, and I have to admit right now I haven't seen The Blind Side but am obviously going to go out and watch it NOW.

Are you happy with this? Do you agree with Lily Collins (The Blind Side) as Clary?

Now to wait for the casting of Jace. And everyone knows that our favorite is Alex Pettyfer.

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