Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In My Bookshelf (2)

In My Bookshelf is a weekly post where I'll post all the books I've gotten and are in my TBR list.

Today I got a special book and goodies I've been wanting in a very long time!

A signed copy of Personal Demons.

A 'Team Gabe' and 'Team Luc' tattoos

A Personal Demons and Original Sin signed bookmarks.

I won these wonderful goodies when I commented on an interview Andrea Cremer author of Nightshade posted of Luc and Gabe. You can read the exciting and best interview I've read here.

I'm a very happy camper today. What goodies did you get?


  1. I've received Personal Demons yesterday and I can't wait to start reading it !! These bookmarks look gorgeous !! =)

  2. I received mine too!
    I have to finish Nightshade first and then I'll be reading this.