Thursday, January 20, 2011

When I'm Not Reading (5)

New weekly post for book blogger, Missie from The Unread Reader.

Here is another segment of When I'm Not Reading.

When I'm not reading I'm watching my complete season 1 of Glee or recorded episode (1-10) on my DVR. Now don't go nuts cause I mentioned Glee. Yes, I'm a HUGE fan of the show. I watched it back in May '09 when the "Pilot" aired! I've never missed an episode since the "Pilot". I always turn my TV on 10 minutes before the episode starts. Even if I have all the episodes (Season 1 DVD, Season 2 DVR) I still sit down and watch the reruns whenever they come out. I'm really dedicated to this show. The last show I was dedicate to this much was probably Bones.
Now my favorite character from the show has always been Emma Pillsbury, but after she married Carl Howell she's become some what of my least favorite just because I'm a Wemma (Will and Emma) couple freak. My sister and I were shouting at the TV when they finally killed in the "Sectionals" episode from Season 1. We had to wait months for the return to see more of their relationship. And can her performance of "I Could Have Dance All Night" be anymore adorable!

Are you starting to realize my addiction?

My newest favorite hopefully-soon-to-be couple is Klaine (Kurt and Blaine). Ever since episode "Never Been Kissed" when Darren Criss stole my heart with his awsome performance of "Teenage Dream". Then to move on with "Baby, It's Cold Outside". Who can resist their relationship? No one.

Currently, I'm eagerly waiting for the return on February 6th with their SuperBowl Episode and then the 8th with their Valentine's special "Silly Love Songs".

So their you have it When I'm Not Reading I'm always watching Glee.

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  1. I love Glee !! Definitely one of my favorites TV shows of all times !! =)